The Hartfields | 003. Properly Paranoid


““When I’m away, Aaron, do me a favour?”


“Don’t do something stupid.”

He instantly turned his gaze away.

Guilty eyes finally looked back at her. She never did believe that you could tell a lie just from a person’s face, but guilt she did know.”

The next chapter of The Hartfields is up! Read it here.

The Hartfields | 002. Here Comes the Sun


“Their eyes met. She shook her head so quick, like it was instinct, but then said:

“You know I’m not a good person, right?”

A couple of weeks ago, on the worst day of his life, he would have agreed right away. At this instant, though, looking at the raw emotion in her eyes, he wasn’t so sure.”

The next chapter of The Hartfields is up and you can find it right here! 😀

The Hartfields | 001. The LTT


“Agency is, perhaps, a better term. I’m an agent with The LTT, or the League of Time Travellers.” Aaron was quiet for a long time, no expression showing on his face. Finally Hartfield snorted and said: “Yeah, we get that kind of reaction a lot.”

The next chapter of my new legacy is up on it’s own blog here 🙂

The Hartfields | 000. Prologue


Well, nothing was wrong with Milena Hartfield’s face. It was her person; her very being.
It was as though the cloud of expensive perfume around her covered up some kind of anomaly. It sort of hit him that she shouldn’t exist.

Yes, I’ve started another legacy. For a while I’ve wanted to make a second attempt at a storybased legacy. Is this stupid? Of course it is, this is me we’re talking about. Perhaps more importantly – will this affect the Hollanders and Scarlett? For the Hollanders – no, probably not. I still very much enjoy doing them. At the moment I update like every five days/once a week and that’ll probably continue. Scarlett? Maybe. I’m not doing well on that story at all, and I’m bored with it. I don’t feel like quitting it entirely.

So, long story short: all my cool friends are doing storybased legacies, I’m a huge copycat loser, and I missed it so much I started one again (with a stupidly long prologue. Sorry about that). I still hope you’ll give it a look at this blog I made for the story 🙂

Sims 4 Shenanigans

So, now us ordinary mortals could finally get our grubby hands on the CAS Demo for Sims 4. I got it myself and though I liked the idea, I find it very finicky to use. It’ll take some practise, but I made Leslie!

TS4CAS 2014-08-13 11-44-37-00 TS4CAS 2014-08-14 10-19-53-97It’s not terribly accurate but it’s the best I could do with what little is available in the demo. I really do find it awfully troublesome to use… Oh well, I’m not planning on getting ts4 right away in any case. It’s expensive, there’s not enough good content and I’m still so bummed out about there not being toddlers. What would The Amazing Hollander have been without toddler Rachyl’s psychotic face? Sane, that’s what. And sane is boring.

But it was fun trying it out and now we all know what Leslie would have looked like if she were a ts4 simmie and I guess that’s interesting?


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