Sims 4 Shenanigans

So, now us ordinary mortals could finally get our grubby hands on the CAS Demo for Sims 4. I got it myself and though I liked the idea, I find it very finicky to use. It’ll take some practise, but I made Leslie!

TS4CAS 2014-08-13 11-44-37-00 TS4CAS 2014-08-14 10-19-53-97It’s not terribly accurate but it’s the best I could do with what little is available in the demo. I really do find it awfully troublesome to use… Oh well, I’m not planning on getting ts4 right away in any case. It’s expensive, there’s not enough good content and I’m still so bummed out about there not being toddlers. What would The Amazing Hollander have been without toddler Rachyl’s psychotic face? Sane, that’s what. And sane is boring.

But it was fun trying it out and now we all know what Leslie would have looked like if she were a ts4 simmie and I guess that’s interesting?


9 Comments on “Sims 4 Shenanigans

  1. LOL! Same here… Not going to get TS4 any time soon. I’ll be waiting for the Let’s Plays and what-not before getting that one. (I think the only thing I’m really looking forward to see in TS4 is the multi-tasking and I’m expecting it to run A LOT faster than TS3..)

    I think TS3 Leslie looks better than TS4 Leslie though (not to downplay your hard work on this version of her of course)… lol… Can you do Sherman? And Rachyl… and Flo… and Kristy… and Trish… and… well, you get the point… Hahaha….

    • Yeah, I am looking forward to the TS4 build mode, because moving rooms around etc. is really a good thing. But I just don’t do enough building to justify getting it right away. I care more about toddlers…

      TS3 Leslie looks way better, definitely 😛 She might start looking good once the modders get on board so that she can be customised more. Luckily they’re already at it 😛 I’ll consider making the others… if I can be bothered. I really do think it’s troublesome to work with xD

  2. I’m totally on the fence about TS4… Part of me really wants it, because it The Sims and I’ve had every base game and EP and SP since TS1 first came out… Another part of me just really wants to play the sims I’ve created using the demo… And the last part of me is just so bummed that toddlers are gone that I want to sit in a corner and curse and cry (that’s my overly dramatic trait showing up lol)!

    • I’ve also had all of the games since from the beginning, but then I got into ts2 and ts3 just as everyone else was getting ready to be excited about the next game xD So I guess I’ll start getting into ts4 when everybody else is giving it up for ts5. Lol 😛

    • I know, right? It’s the weirdest thing to take out of the game. It’s also the biggest thing that makes me not want the game right away. They’re saying that they might become available with an expansion, but I find that rather unfair… No, I do think I’ll wait to get ts4.

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