City Hall Wedding – pose pack


I made a new pose pack. That’s what ya gotta do when you can find plenty of poses but not exactly the one you need, don’tcha’ know it. You can find more about the pack and download on my other blog. Don’t ask me how many blogs I have by now, it’s ridiculous.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-9

12 Comments on “City Hall Wedding – pose pack

  1. Lol.


    Devon and Rachyl just had a “city hall” wedding in my game right before I saw this. I just might get inspired and return in game to use these poses. Lol.

    • That is such bad timing on my part 😛 If only Blender hadn’t crashed last night and ruined my first attempt at this (why yes, I did feel like throwing my computer out from the balcony) maybe you’d have had it before 😛

      But *gasp*! Shippity ship ship ship…

      • They definitely are! I enjoy reading other Sims stories, gives you quite the inspiration 😀 I have a question – I tried commenting on Chapter 1 on your Legacy story, but it got posted as a comment in the end. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that I will read all the chapters 😉 It has a really interesting start and you get caught from the beginning 🙂

      • I, too, enjoy seeing different stories made with the Sims 🙂 And I’m glad you’ll be reading, too.
        As for your comment, it’s weird, because I haven’t gotten anything :/

      • That’s really odd! I posted it 50 mins ago. I think it might be due to me being on my iPad instead of my PC, those apps aren’t always reliable. I left one for the ithaca legacy 😦 But I will try to post again, and this time I’ll post from my PC 🙂 Hopefully then it’ll show.

      • OH, it’s on my really, really old abandoned legacy! Now I understand. Yikes. I really ought to update my blog… *embarrassed* sorry! That forum is hardly active anymore and these days I’m mostly updating
        *Really embarrassed*

      • Ooh! My mistake. Though I have already read a lot of the first chapters, but The Hartfields seems like a story to my taste as well! My poor tablet was having difficulties loading the proboards website, so a wordpress story is very much appreciated 😀 Thank you for a quick reply, I’ll check the legacy out right away 😉

      • The other one was, sadly, abandoned a while back, though characters from it make cameos in my new legacy. I’m glad you like it, though.

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