Taggy Stuff | Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award for this blog, too, now 😀 Thank you very much to FiendLikeQueen for the nomination 😀

I’ve pretty much nominated everyone I could think of (or those I could think of have been nominated for others), so I’ll just settle for giving a great big thank you and a virtual hug to FiendLikeQueen. Thanks a bunch – I’m very proud that you feel like my blog was worth nominating 🙂 Now, here come her questions for me 🙂

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I love coming up with different characters and character arcs. Character development is something I love dearly, and books/movies/tv-shows with good character development are my favourites.

What’s your favourite medium, typed or paper/pen?

For stories, I mostly type, but I love writing by hand. Funny enough, when I write papers for university, I ALWAYS do a draft on paper with a pen or pencil. Always. It doesn’t matter how long that paper is. I’ve done a 25 page paper like that and I’d even do it for longer papers. I can just better get myself to start working if I write on paper ’cause it feels less ‘serious’.

Do you have any pets?

No, unfortunately not. But boyfriend and I want to get a doggy soon!

Why did you start your blog?

This one I started to have a WordPress blog where people could access my stories and my poses on WordPress.

Favourite candy?

In Denmark we have these chocolates shaped like turtles that are full of caramel and rum creme and they’re delicious.

Have you received this award before?

Heh, yeah, a couple of times, but never for this particular blog – only for The Hartfields and The Amazing Hollander.

What computer do you use, Mac or PC?

PC all the way. I have an iPad and I want an iPhone, but that’s as far into the Appleverse as I’ll go.

How much do you use social media?

Probably way too much. I mostly use Facebook to contact my friends and to keep up to date with school.

Do you object to adult themes in stories (Sims blogs only)?

Nope, I don’t. So long as it’s done well. If you throw in rape and sex just for the heck of it, I might frown upon it.

Favourite musician?

I listen to so many I don’t even know. I particularly like Queen, Vienna Teng and Jonathan Coulton – those are some I can nearly always listen to.

What country do you live in?

Sunny Denmark! (It-it’s not sunny. I lied. Don’t come here thinking it’s sunny it’s like sunny two days a year… in like freaking oktober or something I don’t even know what the weather here is).

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