Fly, Aaron! Fly and Be Free!

Hi guys! So, it’s been quite a while since I did anything on this blog. I can tell those who don’t follow my fifty billion other blogs, I’m still alive, still doing my sims thing. I just had some personal issues for a while that made life a bit hard.

Today, I’m back, not with some great news like new poses or anything. No. I just wanted to show you my most favouritest sims 3 glitch so far:


I’d been fiddling with poseplayer and teleporting Aaron around here and there and then when I tried to get him to relax on a bed… this happened. FLY, AARON! FLY! NOBODY IS HOLDING YOU BACK ANYMORE. BE FREEEEEEEEE!

*Clears throat* Anyway. Sims 3 glitches are usually either horrifying or annoying*, but this one just made me crack a smile and was completely solved by a reset. So here we are. With my least informative post yet. Considering my history, that’s quite something.


Anyway, if you’re curious about the progress of my stories: my re-write of The Hartfields, The Talented, is in full swing, and you can read the first chapter here.

I’m also currently working on a new story that won’t leave me be, but I haven’t done much on it. There are some pictures on this thread if you’re curious. It’s the thread I use most lately. It’s really cool and full of some awesome people, so come by if you’d like 🙂

Hope y’all are doing grand,



*Other games, like Skyrim, have wonderfully hilarious, but harmless glitches and I have a small collection of glitch pictures from Skyrim and other games like it. *Gleefully adds this picture to my collection*

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