The Year of Mimosa – New Chapter!


And yes, Mags, it’s actually a new one this time 😀 Click the picture to read it 🙂

In the meantime, I’m also writing more Talented- just need to edit the next chapter. I admit, writing The Talented is quite a bit slower, because I’m way into this one. That said, The Talented WILL be coming back soon, and I’m excited! I think the new version of the story is going pretty well 🙂

See ya in the next update, guuuuys!

4 thoughts on “The Year of Mimosa – New Chapter!

  1. Lol thanks Lou, it’s a good one! I like how protective Mich is over Audrey. And poor Niko with that “madam” this and “madam” that lol I’ll be so happy when he chills out enough to use some vernacular lol although, I might be so shocked that I fall off my chair, or choke to death on my coffee ;-D

  2. Hi! I just found The Talented today and really like it, but I couldn’t see a way to subscribe to posts on that site. Do you post here every time you update?

    1. Hi, I’ll do my best to make sure to update on this blog. It’s a little weird thatcyou can’t follow the other one though. If you scroll down some random old page, sometimes a ‘follow’ button appears in the lower right corner. Or maybe you’re on a mobile device. Either way, I’ll try to remember to update here 🙂

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