The Basement Nurse (Frog Wilman #2)

04-16-17_8-23-08 AM.png

Hi there, so I played a bit more with Frog. Frog had Ponytail Nurse move into her house which is nice and all. But also a bit bad because Frog doesn’t want to settle down with one man.

But I’ve come to like Ponytail Nurse, so I made him a nice house in the basement.

04-16-17_9-17-23 AM.png

Look, I realise it sounds bad that I made him quit his job and move into Frog’s basement where he can’t leave and has to spend all his days painting so that Frog can make money but… but… yeah okay, it is pretty bad but I still did it.

04-16-17_9-15-18 AM.png

04-16-17_9-15-25 AM.png

He’s got everything he needs down there so it’s not like it’s BAD. Honestly, I think he’ll be happy.

04-16-17_9-23-07 AM.png

Meanwhile Frog’s doing that Plant Sim Challenge thing where you get to harass a bunch of Plant Sims and nag them for beans. This chick was lucky enough to be the one Frog had to insult to get the anger bean. Soon after I stopped meeting any Plant Sim so eh… yeah, great challenge. Thank EA.

04-16-17_9-24-40 AM.png

All that insultin’ people makes Frog need to take an angry poop. I don’t even know what to think of ts4 anymore. On the one hand, it’s a pain in the butt at times, but then you get Frog Wilman taking an angry poop and you’re suddenly having a bit of fun again.

04-17-17_1-22-59 PM.png

Yeah, paint, Ponytail. Paint and dream of the sunlight you’ll never see again…

04-17-17_1-39-46 PM.png

Apropos pain in the butt: Tadpole was a boring little babby and I already regret saying Frog wanted to have a lot. She doesn’t. ‘Cause I flippin’ said so. Still, Tadpole’s cute and the toddlers in ts4 are actually pretty well done. There’s so much gameplay there! If only ts4 wasn’t multitasking hell, I’d really like taking care of him.

04-17-17_1-41-21 PM.png

Okay, I do like it.

But gah, so frustrating and confusing and aaargh!

04-18-17_8-29-19 AM.png

Then, of course, Frog broke it off with the guy in the basement. He seems to take it pretty well.

04-18-17_8-31-42 AM.png

Yup, just great. I’m sure that painting doesn’t actually mean anything. If I ever find another Plant Sim, though, I’ll make sure to use it to make his life miserable.

04-18-17_9-45-39 AM.png

I also regretted keeping Victor out of the sun. He loves gardening, so he might as well be the one to take care of it. You better believe that gate’s locked.

04-16-17_9-21-42 AM.png

And that was it for now, folks. Enjoy this final picture of Frog being a dick to a bunch of Plant Sims. Those were the days, eh?

Until next time – have fun 🙂

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