A Short Hiatus (Sad Face)

Hi guys, I’m here to say that I won’t be able to get a chapter out today, and it’ll be like that for a few weeks. I’m doing field work for uni, and that means that I’m doing something incredibly anxiety inducing every week for the rest of this month (maybe longer?) I’ve been doing it twice this week, and I’m absolutely wrecked. There’s no part of me that’s up for taking photos or writing.

So, I’ll be back in December, if everything goes according to plan. The next chapter of Champion of Moonlight will be out on the 2nd of December, and A Monte Vista Story on the 9th. I hope you’ll return for that, and until then, have a great time 🙂


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Twenty-something Dane who enjoys writing, reading, knitting, tea, and the Oxford comma.

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