EDIT: Thanks a bunch to Trip who managed to find both of the hairs! If others are interested, they’re here:




Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone can help me here. I’m tidying up my CC (which is hell so fun!) and categorising things. My problem is that one of my favourite Sims 3 hair blogs decided to wipe most of their ts3 custom content. There’s one particular hairstyle of theirs that I just cannot find in a retextured version anymore and I’d really like to have it.

So, I’m hoping someone who follows my blog might have the file. The hair is a mix of Newsea’s Candice and Lucia, originally created by Tankuz. While that version IS readily available, I’m not terribly fond of the very, very shiny Sims hairs, which is why I’d like one of the retextures I know have existed at some point.

It’s either this version from Fanaskher:

candice and lucia

Or this one from PixelatedZombies:

candice and lucia2.PNG

Either version will do, but both are missing from the respective blogs. If you have it, I’d be overjoyed if you’d send it. I’m willing to trade you a custom pose or two for your troubles, if you’d like (though I can only do it for ts3, I’m afraid).

Anyway, I hope someone can help me. If you don’t have the file, maybe somebody knows some way to unmerge the huge .package-file I made before I threw the separate files away (Whyyyyyy?).

Whatever the case, I’ve learnt my lesson – always, always save the files when you merge them *sigh*

Cheers guys, and thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the next proper story post which will be out this Saturday 🙂


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