More Delays (Or: Computers Aren’t Jetplanes, Yo)

Hi guys, this is me, bringing you the gift of MORE DELAYS. My computer’s newest hobby is making sounds like a jetplane and it turns out that’s kind of a bad thing. The CPU fan has stopped working. Sometimes. Maybe. Except when it does work and then stops working when I do crazy stuff like play a videogame. I got some false hope when it worked fine all evening yesterday, and now today… nope. Jetplane in my computer. It would be funny if I didn’t use that bastard for everything.

Now, the good news is that I can start the thing up, so all my files are safe (if you’re reading this and know you haven’t backed up in forever… go back up your stuff now. Please. I’ll wait… got it? Good, let’s move on). Other good news is that my boyfriend has a fancy computer just standing there while he’s away at work and he’s the saintliest saint and has let me install ts3 on it. Bad news: I’m tired and pissed off 😀

I want to put out a chapter today, but I can also tell that my patience is worn very thin. It doesn’t help that I’d rather play a stupid for fun ISBI challenge than staging elaborate shots right now. So… here’s the deal, guys. I am definitely going to publish a chapter on Saturday. In fact, I’m going to publish two. The AMVS chapter is already done, and I just need to put my big girl pants on and forgive all the stupid stuff happening right now so I can get back to CoM. The posepack will come out the very same day. A bit spammy, but at least stuff happens. After that we’re back to your regularly scheduled updates with CoM the following Saturday and AMVS the week after.

I’m super sorry about this, but thanks to all of you guys for being patient and supportive. You guys are true superstars. Now, I’m going to go be mad at some pixel people instead of my stupid wannabe-jetplane computer…


9 Comments on “More Delays (Or: Computers Aren’t Jetplanes, Yo)

    • Yeah, it’s really annoying. My exam is done and I won’t have to do any kind of school until March. So now that I have time to spend on the computer, THIS is what I get?! Ugh!

  1. So sorry to read about this, it must be super annoying.. Fortunately you were able to back up, so that’s something I guess!
    An ISBI challenge sounds like fun indeed. We all need those moments/hours/days of relaxation, so no worries. Now go make those tiny pixel people suffer! 😁

    • It’s incredibly annoying, yeah :/ I can still turn it on, thankfully, but I dare not do it for too long, lest it really dies on me. So I’ll just have to get the rest of my stuff back up.
      ISBIs are such chaotic fun. You can bet my torchholder suffers. Three kids, and her husband is a useless lump. She hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in days…

  2. I always said if I ever played a challenge, it would be an ISBI because they look like the most fun to me.

    I’m super sad about your computer struggles and hope it all works out for you. Life just ain’t right when your computer is doing weird things.

    • ISBIs are super fun and chaotic! I like playing it a lot!

      It’s really, really annoying. But hopefully it’ll all be fine. At least we’re saving up for a new computer for me, so there’s going to be a great new machine in my future.

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