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Oh my flip flap flappety flipping flip. I did it! I made this whole pack freaking work. I guess there’s a good reason to not do more than like four poses per pack, but this one has ten so that was fun! (It wasn’t fun send help). This time it’s a pack for all you romantic saps out there. It consists of ten poses, consisting of a set of five couple’s poses. There are two poses that let your sims gaze dreamily into each other’s eyes, two kisses, and a big old hug.

The poses come in a .zip file where there are two versions: one with list compatability, one without. There’s also a .txt file in there with the names of the poses and the codes; in case you prefer using these without the list, you can copy-paste those to use the poses in your game. Handy, no?

As always, they snap together. Based on slider use you may see a little clipping – for the kissing ones, the noses clip into cheeks because it was all I could do to make this work. The male skeleton has also been stretched slightly for these to make him taller – I understand if that’s not your cup of tea, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve tried to not make it too in-your-face, but it might look funky. In general, this pack is not perfect at all. Other than the clippy noses, there are funky elbows. So many funky elbows.


Female sim has her hand on male’s shoulder and he’s holding her hand


Kissing pose – she still has her hand on his shoulder and he’s holding her hand


Embracey poses – he’s touching her cheek


Kissing pose. She is standing on tippy toes to kiss him and has an arm around his shoulders.


Big old hug. She’s resting her head on his shoulder, and he is holding her tight.

To see these in use, have a look at this chapter of Champion of Moonlight where most (except the last) can be seen. Of course, in those I’ve hidden the flaws as much as I can. Ehehehe… Now, all that’s left to say is thanks as always for your support. Don’t forget to tell me if there’s a problem with these and feel free to show me if you use them. I love seeing my creations out there!

And now, I’d better let my boyfriend get his computer back soon…

Download here (Box, zipped)


8 Comments on “Posepack | Stellar Romance

  1. Aww, these are so cute. Never enough romance poses (or can I just say – never enough poses that may be handy for storytelling). Lovely work, Louise!

    • Thank you so much 😀 And I’m with ya – never enough poses for storytelling. Hence why I became desperate enough to learn – haha!

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