Extras | Photoshoot – Black and White


Hi guuuuuyssss! Tired of me yet? Well, that’s too bad because I’m posting something today as well. Not a lot to say today. The other day, lovely Rosemary asked if I had a badge she could use for her website and I did not. So, I set about making one. The result of that was a couple of badges on the homepage that were made with every picture but the ones from the shoot so hahahaha… Yeah.

That’s why I’m making a post to share them because I gave them a few little edits and I think they came out okay 🙂 A fair warning – this is slightly NSFW. Now, if I didn’t mention, you probably wouldn’t know, but there’s some nip showing through Vittoria’s dress. It’s hardly visible but just to make sure I don’t get anyone traumatised/fired or something, be aware that, yup, they’re slightly visible. Otherwise, enjoy (or something)!







So, yes, those were certainly some photos. Maybe photoshoots are going to be a thing now. Maybe not. Either way, thanks for looking and have a grand old time until the next post. There’ll be some more OC Tag soon (for CoM) and Jowita tagged me in another challenge that I’ll also need to do, so yeah – busy days with lots of posts! Until next time.


12 Comments on “Extras | Photoshoot – Black and White

  1. You’re right, I wouldn’t notice if you didn’t tell me. But I still love the looks of your Sims, it’s always pleasant to look at them.

    • Ha, ha, I know right? I didn’t even notice myself until I started taking the pictures and by then I didn’t want to change it because I like the dress 😛
      Thank you, Jowita ❤

  2. I loved this! I am really into taking photo shoots on my legacy sims too. You can just feel the tension between those two. And that dress it to die for!!

  3. These pics are amazing! I love photoshoots 🙂 Looking at pretty things is just so pleasing imo, haha. Plus you styled your sims very well~

  4. I love the photoshoot! And the badges are awesome! You were right that I would not have noticed the … uh…. nip had you not said that. LOLOL I really love your style.

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