A Monte Vista Story


When Vittoria Nespola shows up on the doorstep of the Mancini brothers, the older brother, Carlo, is weary of taking her in. After his father’s death, he’s turned to a life of crime, and he’s already worried about involving his younger brother, Camillo, in gang wars and art theft. But Vittoria isn’t scared away, and little by little, he realises that she has secrets of her own – secrets that might very well impact his own living.

The story contains elements that might not be suitable for everyone – swearing, blood, wounds, violence, and mild sexual themes. There are content warnings before each chapter, except when it comes to swearing. Please, read at your own discretion.

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1. Vittoria

2. Friends in the Right Places

3. The Happy Crook

4. Till We Meet Again

5. Alive

6. Cornered Animal

7. Head of the Family

8. Walking Contradiction

9. The Wedding Spy

10. Replacement Goldfish

11. Hindsight

12. Too Nice

13. All Part of the Plan

14. Traces of the Past

15. Alessandro’s Downfall

16. Another Kind of Evil


Wedding and Family Photos

Chapter Recaps (Contains Spoilers)

OC Tag – Vittoria and Carlo (Contains spoilers)

OC Tag – Marta (Contains spoilers)

Moodboards – Carlo and Vittoria