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Before I could start feeling cocky, though, he gained on me. He must really be driving the broom hard, because I noticed the handle of his broom in the corner of my eye.

“Oh no, you don’t,” I muttered under my breath.
I took the corners as widely as I possibly could and cut him off so he had to slow down. The finish-line was within sight now. I cut him off at the last corner. Isadora’s voice faded in.
“… looks like Thorne is ahead again, though Hazan is extremely close.”
He weaved right and left behind me, but I mirrored the movement, and he couldn’t get in. I squeezed the last little bit of speed from the broom, drove it so hard that I thought it might burst into flames…

Genevieve Thorne is the six times Champion of Moonlight, and one of her generation’s most powerful witches. The 124th Moonlight Tournament is set to be her seventh victory in a row, but when a new face appears to challenge her, everything changes.

Nadir Hazan is the heir to a powerful family, a talented witch, and the only person Genevieve has ever felt a connection with. But even as they draw closer, connected by their love of magic and theory, weird things start happening, and Nadir might just not be who he seems.

Champion of Moonlight is completely story-based, that is staged; it doesn’t follow any kind of challenge format and takes no cues from gameplay. The story is complete.


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