About the Author

louiseHi everyone, and welcome to this blog here, which is mine. I’m Louise, or Gnasling, or NotJustaBook, but mostly just Louise. I’m a 27-year-old resident of Denmark who likes games, art, books, and tea.

Above all, I like writing, and that’s where this little blog of mine comes in. This is where I post stories that belong to the genre we like to refer to as Simlit – that is, literature that is based on gameplay or illustrated with pictures from the Sims series. Personally, I mostly do staged stories and my game of choice is Sims 3. I prefer to write fantasy, mystery, and romance, and some of my favourite things are to create magic systems, build up believable and healthy romances, and a good plot twist – if any of that appeals to you, maybe you’ll like my stuff.

Finally, I also make poses for the Sims 3 – mostly for my own use, but at times I pull myself together and put them up for download. Those can be found here on the blog as well.

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