My Other Stuff

I do other stuff than Sims 3 stories. Here’s some of it:

Custom Poses – I do my own custom poses for the Sims 3. I post them all at my blog. I’m also willing to take requests for poses so long as they’re not nsfw in nature (nsfw as in porn). Send me a message if there’s anything you need 🙂

My Simblr – I post my poses to my Simblr as well, but not much else. Dont’ expect lots of activity, but it’s a place where you can keep track of poses if you prefer it over Blogspot.

My Main Tumblr – It’s where I post more personal stuff, some art, some writing and that kind of stuff. It’s also where I follow people from.

My art – I don’t use DeviantArt much at the moment, but I have one of those as well where I post my art. Most of it is Doctor Who and Ace Attorney fanart, so if that’s your thing, have a look.

2 Comments on “My Other Stuff

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog 😀 I have the utmost respect for posepack artist *bows humbly*
    I use them all the time in my stories! Thanks so reading and liking, have an awesome day

    • You’re very welcome 😀 I’m glad to find a new ts3 story to follow.
      And thank you a lot ^_^ poses ftw. I also use poses all the time – the game itself is just too limited. Gotta have everything just right 😉
      And it was nothing 🙂 Looking forward to see what else you come up with!

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