Here you can find some stuff that I find useful. Things such as links to software I use, useful mods, and other things like that. If there’s anything you’d like to know about stuff I use, feel free to ask.

My Stuff:

Fog emitter codes for magic effects (.pdf)
This is a list I made because I thought it might save someone a little time. These are codes I gathered for my own sake – Champion of Moonlight is pretty heavy on fog emitter effects, and having to search and guess my way through a long list was a pain. This has a collection of codes I’ve either already used or might use in the future with a description of what they are. I imagine it might be useful for someone else doing magic related stuff. I’ll update it as I add more.

For more of my stuff, have a look at downloads and old poses.


Preventing twisted joints when making poses

Tips for photography in the Sims 3

Neat ts3 mods and default replacements:

I’m not going to list all the hair, clothes, and furniture I have in my game. Feel free to ask if there’s anything you like, though. I will instead list some useful mods and my default replacements, in case you dig the style.

Shiftable Fog Emitter – This makes it so that the fog emitter you can find in the debug menu can be moved up and down. It’s absolutely crucial for magical duels!

Pose Player and Pose Player Add-On: Pose player I use to pose my sims. The add-on is crucial – it allows you to click your sim to pose instead of having to control that sim. Gotta love controlling sim’s lives! Another underrated feature in it is the ‘Look at…’ interaction – if you have two poses that don’t quite look at each other. This can fix it. It doesn’t always work perfectly, but I use it A TON.

OMSP, OMSP Resizer, Tipsy OMSP: The OMSP I use for placing things on tables when it’s otherwise not possible. The OMSP resizer for resizing objects – it’s great because I’ve found a lot of items where they seem oversized for the world. The tipsy one is great for making a big ol’ mess of things, like when you need chairs and plants to fall over.

Leave the Door Open: This mod lets you leave a door open. Should sorta speak for itself. It’s really great for many things. Like things where you need an open door.

Various Mods from Nraas: Obviously. I use them for everything from changing clothes, cheating skills higher, having larger households, removing tourists and ice cream vans, story progression… Hell, if it wasn’t for Nraas Overwatch, I wouldn’t be able to play the game in the first place.

No Drift/Lower Level Free Cam Mod and No Drift/Lower Level Camera Mod: Mods that make it so the camera doesn’t hop and skip and bounce all the damn time. Also allows to move it much lower and further away.

Blue Skies & Sunshine Lighting Mod (Lucky Palms Water): There are few things I love more than the beautiful, vibrant skies of this lighting mod. I wouldn’t live without it.

I also use a million and a half mods to remove annoying elements/actions from the Sims, but there are a too many for me to be bothered to list them. If there’s anything that bothers you, such as the sims playing in sprinklers constantly, ask away; it might bother me, too 🙂

Default Multicolor Eyes by Shady: These are the eyes I use for all my sims, since I don’t care for having a bunch of contacts. They’re a little lighter than other eyes I’ve seen/had.

Eskin Game Default by Ephemera: My default skin. Makes everyone look pretty as a picture.

Blush Baby by Chisami: The default skin I use for babbies. ‘Cause those little buggers look like pixelated nads without it.

Default Replacement Eyebrows and Beards by Simple Life: Because there’s no need to have a shabby beard or eyebrows.

Short Eyelashes Face Overlay: Default replacement eyelashes. Note, the link on the page proper is broken but someone in the comments has kindly provided a non-broken link. Be aware that this version has a lip overlay for females (it’s visible on dark-skinned/colourful sims, but not white so much), whereas the version I have lacks it. It’s an edit I made for my personal use, so I’m not at liberty to share it.

10 New CAS Sliders: Sliders for giving my Sims nice butts (and other things such as broader shoulders, as well… but butts).


Delphy’s Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extractor: I use this little piece of software so I don’t have to install CC through the launcher.

Photoscape: Super duper neat, free photo editing software. Really easy to use, with a lot of great photo frames and filtres. I use it to edit all my photos and to make the montages that you see around the blog.

BeFunky: A decent web application for photo editing. Personally, I only use it for adding text to images – in my case mostly for the cover photos that I use as featured images as well as post to the Sims forum.

Gimp: Classic image editing software. I find that editing many photos in this is more finicky than I like, but it still produces very, very good results. I mostly use it if there’s something the others can’t pull off, and at times for editing .dds/.dll-files (e.g. for creating paintings for ts3).

Krita: A free program that is just amazing for artists. Has tablet support and you can pretty much do everything artsy your heart could desire. I draw in this a lot, but for this blog, I’ve only used it for some of my dividers and some of my ‘previous/next’ buttons. The text tools in it are absolute rubbish, though, hence BeFunky/Gimp.

Blender: Free 3D software that I use for creating poses along with a free add-on. Find tutorials and downloads for that here.

Resources for writers:

BehindtheName: This is a brilliant website for looking up names and their origins. I use it to look up names (like – is this even a proper name?) and for when I need names of origins other than English (I.e.: Arabic and Italian). Their Random Renamer is great as well, and one I use often when I play Sims 3 and want a random name for my sims.

Fantasy Name Generators: An absolutely massive collection of name generators for all kinds of things fantasy related. Normally, I’m not one for using generators too much, but they’re a great inspiration. I’ve used the Witch Name Generator for Champion of Moonlight.

TV Tropes: Tread with care. TV Tropes is well known for ruining your life. Beware the many, many tabs that’ll soon grace your browser. When it’s not ruining my life, I use it to look up tropes that I like/dislike. TV Tropes will tell you common uses of that trope, inversions of them, and what to do to avoid unfortunate complications. If you like playing with common writing tropes, it’s perfect for that.

Limyaael’s Fantasy Rants: This is a long series of rants about fantasy stories and annoying trends in fantasy. There is a lot of good advice on how to avoid the worst and most annoying pitfalls of the genre – it’s all written in a delightfully snarky way, so bonus!