New Poses | Storypack


Wow, a posepack! I made one! It’s done! It contains some poses that I’ve been doing for the Hartfields over the last couple of months and then even longer ago. They’re poses you’re likely to have seen in the story or that you will see in the future. Here below are some pictures and you can find more on the pose blog where you can also download the delicious pack.

inagonya   sarcastichello


See more pictures and download HERE!

Hope you’re all feeling awesome and then I’ll see you next time I actually update this here blog oops.

Ivane’s Poses – Pose Request

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-13

If you’re into poses, I make ’em sometimes. My most recent pack was a request for Ivane and I think it turned out rather well. To read more about it and download, you can go to my pose blog here. On the blog you can also find more poses – I’ve made quite a lot of them, actually and I’m open for requests (if you give me some time for it :P)

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