What’s Going On?


Hi everybody,

So, as you might know it’s been radio silence from here for… what, eight million years or something. I promise I haven’t just been faffing about (well, I have, but I haven’t just been faffing around), but I’ve actually been writing.

I’ve got some bad news and some good(ish?) news.

Bad news: I can’t write The Talented right now. I’ve been working and working and working on it for flipping ages. I’ve changed it around and mangled it beyond belief. What’s left now is some good ideas that I’m not keen on writing at all. Maybe some day. Right now, I don’t feel it. As some other Sim writers have discovered, sometimes a story just messes with you and you spend so much time wrangling it that it stops being fun.


At one point during the process of trying not to hate everything about the Talented, I wrote a for-fun love story about witches – a palate cleaner, if you will – and I had the time of my life. I even finished the damn thing. The good(ish) part of this update is that this story will be published. I can’t give you a set date, but as I said, the first draft is finished and I still adore it. I’m currently editing which is less fun, but more fun than the three million Talented rewrites.

So status on the Talented: Not now. Maybe some day. Maybe never. I’m sick to death of it.

Stop judging meeeeeeeeee… *sobs*

Other than this little witchy love story, I want to write a traditional Sims legacy type of thing. Knowing me, it won’t be simple and I’ll end up giving up on it in like three months or something, but I just want to have fun. One thing that keeps me coming back to the Sims 3 story community right now is the Windsor Legacy. At the risk of making myself sound as old as Ramses the II or something, it just reminds me of the ‘good old days’ of just writing a Sims story based on the game, and writing with reckless abandon.

So right now, I’m trying to do just that. It will be story-based, because I can’t help myself, but also I’ll take cues from the game and then add as much soap-opera-y drama as I can muster without making myself sick. It’ll be great. Maybe. I dunno, but I hope you guys’ll give it a shot. It should be out soon-ish (ISH being the key… syllable).

Anyway, yeah, Sims 3 stories it is. I know everyone is moving on to 4, but the game still doesn’t resonate with me enough to play more than three hours at a time. So yes, I’ll be old and grumpy and stick to the old 🙂

A final note: As some of you might know, Photobucket sucks. This means all my old stories that are hosted on forums (e.g. The Amazing Hollander and The Ithaca Legacy) are pretty much useless and devoid of pictures. I’ve removed the links to them from the stories page. If anyone wants to relive the ‘good old days’ (can’t see why you would), I’m willing to slap them into a .pdf for people to read. But as is, they’re gone. I deleted the Hollander and Hartfield wordpress blogs, too, because I had too many blogs, and it was annoying.

Hope you’re all having a whale of a time 🙂

The Wonderful World of Frog Wilman

Hi everyone 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of posting. I’m currently rewriting The Talented, but I feel like sharing some of my recent Sims shenanigans. For the first time, though, it’s actually not 3, but 4.

So, meet my darling, Frog Wilman:

04-03-17_9-07-47 PM.png
I know, try not to ravage her – she’s a beauty.
04-04-17_9-50-48 PM.png
Dat face, tho.

Frog’s a creative, romantic, kleptomaniac sim (I don’t remember the actual traits’ names and I couldn’t be bothered to check…) who just wants to get some lovin’. She also wants to be a doctor, because I said so and because the Get to Work careers are fun. She’s not all about settling down and getting married, but she is about having many handsome doctor boyfriends and giving birth to many little tadpoles.

04-03-17_9-08-12 PM.png

This is her house. I made it and I think it’s nice. The garden gnomes are my favourite things about it. There’s a chess table because to be a doctor she has to be logical – and there’s a garden plot because I want her to garden.

04-03-17_9-22-48 PM.png

She always walks like that. I think it makes her seem like someone you’d entrust with the care of your children.

04-03-17_9-27-25 PM.png

Sadly, there aren’t any handsome guy doctors for Frog to make tadpoles with, so she’ll have to “settle” for a handsome nurse instead. This guy has a ponytail, so he’s perfect… His name? Yeah, can’t remember. Can’t be bothered.

04-03-17_9-57-45 PM.png

When Frog isn’t chasing nurses, gardening, peeing herself in her house (the toilet was broken and I didn’t notice, don’t judge), she goes to other lots (public or private – she’s flexible) to steal stuff. This is her having a nap at the museum after stealing a birdbath. Who knew that having a full time job AND being a klepto would be so hard?

04-03-17_10-05-33 PM.png

Her face is seriously awesome. Sure, her expressions make no sense… but they’re awesome. I don’t know why she’s looking at Ponytail Nurse like that. But that face.

04-04-17_10-34-48 AM.png

After work-hours she likes to invite over Ponytail Nurse and do her best sexy pose. I mean, I guess that’s sexy. Probably. I don’t know if this pose reveals anything, but I’ll just come out and reveal my fuck-up: Biologically, Frog’s male. But she can get pregnant and stuff. I realised I might as well just have said she was female, but when I tried to change it back, it changed her nice bodyshape and I’m not all about that.

But Frog prefers she m’kay?

04-04-17_11-24-22 AM.png

I’ve taken pictures of silly junk, really. Here’s Frog and Ponytail’s synchronised dance moves. They’re good together.

04-04-17_11-32-41 AM.png

Like I said – Frog seems like a very trustworthy individual, and that boy seems totally happy to follow her around. It’s all in that swagger of hers.

04-04-17_6-26-28 PM.png

Eventually, Frog has her first tadpole… Tadpole. No, seriously, that’s his name. He’s a little babby tadpole called Tadpole. And he’s smelly.

And that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed a look into the world of Frog. I might show y’all some more as I play. I don’t know how much I’m going to play, but I’ve had fun with it recently, so I thought why not.

Hope you’re all doing really well and having fun 🙂


What’s Up These Days?


Hi guys! As you might’ve noticed, I’ve been pretty inactive. There are a couple of reasons. The first one is that I’m trying to get my driver’s license and has been for a loooooong time, but I’m getting close to finishing by now. I know driving tests normally aren’t fun, but I’ve been having severe enough anxiety about it that it’s been affecting my driving and I’ve been seeing a psychologist to deal. I’m still anxious, but it’s getting better.

A second reason is that my computer’s been crashing. It’s not the game. Funny enough, ts3 has never crashed for me, for whatever reason. Rather, my screen would go black and then the entire thing would just… stop. I’ve been able to play despite the crashes, but it was pretty unpredictable how long I’d be able to – it made me bitter and it made me stay away from the game. Boyfriend found out it’s probably because my graphic’s card overheated because of dust, so we cleaned my computer yesterday. The temperature is good now, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s solved. Continue reading “What’s Up These Days?”

The Year of Mimosa – New Chapter!


And yes, Mags, it’s actually a new one this time 😀 Click the picture to read it 🙂

In the meantime, I’m also writing more Talented- just need to edit the next chapter. I admit, writing The Talented is quite a bit slower, because I’m way into this one. That said, The Talented WILL be coming back soon, and I’m excited! I think the new version of the story is going pretty well 🙂

See ya in the next update, guuuuys!

New Story – The Year of Mimosa!

Ooops, guys, I forgot to post about my new story here!


It’s a non-generational story and so far one chapter’s up 🙂 I’ll make sure to try and update on this blog when new chapters are out, but otherwise you can go have a look on its own blog. Click the picture or click here to read the first chapter 🙂

EDIT: Next chapter is up here as well x) Sorry, couldn’t help meself!

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