About Monte Vista Stories


Monte Vista Stories is a multi-generational story about the Mancini family and chronicles their lives of crime in and around Monte Vista. The story starts with Carlo Mancini, leader of the influental gang Good Guys Inc., whose life is turned around when a young woman, Vittoria, asks for a place to stay. Leadership of the gang is passed on to their daughter Regina in the second generation.

The story is currently on the first generation, with the second generation slated to begin on the 23rd of June 2018. The plan is for each generation to be a separate story arc, that can be read on its own, though characters will repeat from generation to generation. To begin reading, click the links to learn more about each generation.

Be aware that the story has content that might not be appropriate for everyone. There is frequent swearing, violence, and visible blood/wounds, as well as mild sexual references and partial nudity. There are warnings at the beginning of each chapter, except for warnings about language. Tread with care.

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Generation 1

Generation 2


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