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Champion of Moonlight | Extras: Character Profiles

Hi guys, just me checking in with a little bonus post. I’ve been toying with writing character profiles for Champion of Moonlight for quite a while, because I just enjoy these characters so darn much. I hope this is a neat little read and that you’ll return this Saturday for the next proper post. Until then – have a grand old time 🙂


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A Monte Vista Story | Extras: Wedding and Family Photo

I thought I’d drop a few extra photos – these are some pictures I took at the wedding set and a little family photo so that you get a chance to see the Mancini kids they keep talking about – they really do exist and they ARE going to make an appearance. But here’s a chance to see them before they do, and for me to share a few pictures that didn’t make it into the story proper.

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A Monte Vista Story | 10. Replacement Goldfish


The girl was named Marta. Marta Zini. She said it loudly, with a great deal of pride. Meanwhile, Vittoria’s brain worked overtime, trying to figure out just how deep trouble she was in. She was sweaty and uncomfortable in the silk dress, and Marta’s voice grated on her. Carlo’s hand on the small of her back did little to ease her mind.

“Would’ve preferred an assassin,” Franco muttered under his breath next to her, and she heartily agreed.

Carlo just shrugged and walked straight up to the girl.

“Hungry, kid?” he asked.

Marta looked up at him, eyebrow raised, and then nodded.

“Unless you’re poisoning the food, in which case, I’m full.”

A smile played at the corners of his mouth. “No poison, promise.” Continue reading “A Monte Vista Story | 10. Replacement Goldfish”

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Champion of Moonlight | Monday: The Ice Woman


The transformation round of the tournament took place on a stage a short walk from the practise arena. It was surrounded by the same golden trees, but it was raised and had a few rows of seats set up for spectators. They were sadly empty because of the rule against spectators, but I still felt a rush of excitement as we went through the introduction and the rules. I had been up since five again, practising my transformation with a pile of rocks and Ifrey. He had forgiven me, even if he wasn’t as enthusiastic in his role as he had been back home.

Celeste was the first participant and started the show by transforming a pile of bugs into puppies. The little guys were all coloured bright red and green like bugs, but they were furry and warm and barked, so if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t suspect that they were anything but dogs. After we had returned to our seats, Celeste confided in me that she sometimes transformed bugs into baby animals when she needed to be cheered up. Continue reading “Champion of Moonlight | Monday: The Ice Woman”



EDIT: Thanks a bunch to Trip who managed to find both of the hairs! If others are interested, they’re here:




Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone can help me here. I’m tidying up my CC (which is hell so fun!) and categorising things. My problem is that one of my favourite Sims 3 hair blogs decided to wipe most of their ts3 custom content. There’s one particular hairstyle of theirs that I just cannot find in a retextured version anymore and I’d really like to have it.

So, I’m hoping someone who follows my blog might have the file. The hair is a mix of Newsea’s Candice and Lucia, originally created by Tankuz. While that version IS readily available, I’m not terribly fond of the very, very shiny Sims hairs, which is why I’d like one of the retextures I know have existed at some point.

It’s either this version from Fanaskher:

candice and lucia

Or this one from PixelatedZombies:

candice and lucia2.PNG

Either version will do, but both are missing from the respective blogs. If you have it, I’d be overjoyed if you’d send it. I’m willing to trade you a custom pose or two for your troubles, if you’d like (though I can only do it for ts3, I’m afraid).

Anyway, I hope someone can help me. If you don’t have the file, maybe somebody knows some way to unmerge the huge .package-file I made before I threw the separate files away (Whyyyyyy?).

Whatever the case, I’ve learnt my lesson – always, always save the files when you merge them *sigh*

Cheers guys, and thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the next proper story post which will be out this Saturday 🙂



A Short Hiatus (Sad Face)

Hi guys, I’m here to say that I won’t be able to get a chapter out today, and it’ll be like that for a few weeks. I’m doing field work for uni, and that means that I’m doing something incredibly anxiety inducing every week for the rest of this month (maybe longer?) I’ve been doing it twice this week, and I’m absolutely wrecked. There’s no part of me that’s up for taking photos or writing.

So, I’ll be back in December, if everything goes according to plan. The next chapter of Champion of Moonlight will be out on the 2nd of December, and A Monte Vista Story on the 9th. I hope you’ll return for that, and until then, have a great time 🙂


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A Monte Vista Story | 9. The Wedding Spy

Four years later


Carlo couldn’t help but notice that Vittoria was on edge, even more so than he would expect on their wedding day. The feeling was strengthened when he walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. She started and he saw her hand reach for the knife she didn’t carry today, but then she saw it was just him.

Sighing in relief, she leaned back against his chest and smiled.

“Isn’t it bad luck to see me before the wedding?”

“We’ve been living in sin for four years, and you’re worrying about tradition now?”

“Nobody has to know that. We’ll hide the evidence.”

“You mean the kids?”

She laughed. “Kids. Evidence. Same, same.” Continue reading “A Monte Vista Story | 9. The Wedding Spy”